Sunday, April 19, 2015

Thurs-date at Union Deli

Union Deli is a branch restaurant of Union which located in Grand Indonesia. When Union first opened in Indonesia, it became famous because their signature red velvet cake. Besides offering great cakes, they also have sandwiches menu. The environment is cozy and it has nice ambience, so many people loves hanging out here and I think it might be the only non all-you-can-eat restaurant in Jakarta which limits the visitor's time.  Well, it can't be helped because the line is very looooong, even it's not busy lunch or dinner hour so time limitation is a must.

Just a little bit tips.... if you really want to try Union you better visit the one in Grand Indonesia, because I think it's less crowded than in Senayan or Pondok Indah. I try this one without queuing at all ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

My friend and I came here after attending the Manifesto Bazaar around 2 PM. So we checked in at the front counter and then the waitress told us that we are allowed to be inside until 3:30 PM. Hmm, friend and I thought that 1 hour and 30 minutes is enough to chit-chat, take pics, and eat the cake leisurely. After we sat on the table, me and my friends took turn to view the cake at front counter....just to make sure what's available and the appearance of the cakes~

So our orders came, and it's really fast.
Well of course, you would be angry if the food came out long and time limitation is up!

Red Velvet Pie (IDR 50.000)

Union's signature red velvet cake is the best I've ever tried so far, compared to other red velvets in Jakarta. In my personal taste, I think it's because the cheese flavour is stronger compared to others and the nuts crumble really kicked in. Other red velvets I've ever tasted almost has no cheese in it, so the sweet takes dominance. I'm a salty person and cheese mania, my treshold of "salt" is higher than other people hahha. 

Knowing that many people adore their red velvet cake, Union invented a new menu. The same red velvet but in the form of Pie. I must say, there's almost no difference with the cake one. The taste is still the godly ah-mazing Union's red velvet but + the crispy pie crust. Love it so much! (。♥‿♥。)

Even my friend who hate cheese could eat it and said it's delicious.
So relax guys, it's not that cheesy~ 

Nastar Crumble Cake (IDR 55.000)

This one is my friend's choice. It's really hugee and quite worth the price considering its size. If you're a nastar lover for sure you would love this cake! At first, I think it will be super sweet and my tongue can't handle sweet too much. But surprisingly it's good and not overly sweet. It has a good balance between the sweet and pineapple flavor. Ah I also love the 2 super mini nastars at the top of the cake. It's kawaii ~

Macchiato (IDR 30.000)
Don't get fooled by the photo angle, hahha. It's really small and only half the size of my palm. You also can see the size comparison with the sugar jar!  I ordered this one because I imagined it would be like Starbucks' Macchiato. So when it first arrived, I'm really shocked! I only added 2 sugar cubes and it still tasted super bitter. But okay, I'm the one in wrong here LOL. Looking at the positive side, its bitter taste could erase the accumulated sweetness of cake in my tongue right away so I could continue eating in a fast pace because time limit is approaching  Σ( ̄。 ̄ ) /

My friend ordered Union Southern Ice Tea (IDR 35.000), but I didn't take a picture because already too focused in emptying my plate for once again.......time limit is approaching. My friend said that the taste is so-so.

But sadly those 2 drinks weren't enough to clear our tongue, so my friend asked the waiter if they had Sparkly Soda Water, and yes they had. After drinking Sparkly, that's when we felt truly "aaaah....." ~ and could continue eating. Again, I didn't take a picture of Sparkly because time limit was approaching and my stomach so full I couldn't think anymore. For you who never heard of it, just imagine a bottle filled with carbonated water. It wasn't written in Union menu, if I had known earlier I would have ordered that instead of Macchiato (。•ˇ‸ˇ•。)

It's so fortunate that I didn't order the sandwich, eating up those cakes already too much!

To conclude, 1 hour and 30 minutes definitely is not enough for us.
Well, it's our fault anyway for taking too much of time for photograph the food (>_<)

Ah, luckily these little Monsters helped us emptying the plate ~
But more likely, we ran out of time because they were too photogenic with the cakes and ended up taking many pictures

My bestie was busy snapping pics of those supermodels wanna-be ~

Our little companions (。♥‿♥。)

Yuki and Pulmo were having a hard time which one to eat first 

And after our lunch session ended, it's a must to snap an outfit picture!
Pic credits: my bestie (@priskalie)

Here what I wore on that day....

Blouse: Atmosphere | Vest: @verenlineclothingline | Pants: Zara | Necklace: Forever 21
Bag: Charles and Keith | Wedges: Crocs Hanalei


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