Friday, January 22, 2016

The End of 2015 and The Beginning of 2016

Hi folks! How are you doing?

I finally take a break from living my kind of “bum life” and so here I am writing my first post in 2016. Year 2015 has finally ended and it was the hardest year I’ve been through so far since God has taken a lot of precious people in my life consecutively. Coming through my calendar in 2016, I have marked several important dates. Oh nope, it’s not holiday dates but 1st death anniversary of my mother and other close relatives. Honestly, not something to be look forward enthusiastically.

In this year too, I will also move on to another important phase in my life: Co-Ass or Clinic Phase. Yup, it’s simply identical with the beginning of crucial phase and tortures in my life. No more carefree life at least for the next 2.5 years. So many bad things has preoccupied my mind for this year ahead, but hopefully good things will also happened to make a balance. I really wish this year to be better than 2015.

Hmm, talking about my “bum life”...... uh, yeah. Since December 8th until now, and probably until the middle of February, I’ve been living out a bum life. Playing gadgets, reading manga, watching anime and dramas, sleeping, going out only for shopping and reunion with friends, etc.




Because I failed my last Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE), in Basic Surgery Skill to be specific. Therefore, I couldn’t move on to the next phase: OSCE-SOCA Comprehensive Exam (OSCA) which is one final selection test before entering Co-Ass Life. So here I am trapped with uncertainity, my Bachelor in Medicine Title is still floating somewhere because of failed OSCE, the campus still hasn’t make announcement when will be the remedial exam, and so as the final results....  I still haven’t studied very seriously in preparing my OSCA which will be held in March 16th for 2nd graduate batch. After I had made sure I have passed the remedial exam for OSCE and legit to be OSCA participant, there I will give my 100% in studying hahha.

The one who has succeed in last OSCE is called 1st graduate batch, therefore could move on to OSCA yesterday. Well, if they failed the OSCA, they will also fell down to my group LOL. OMG, so many uncertainities and now I will definitely make sure my children don’t enter medical school especially my school  ..... unless they have steel determination and don’t complain much :S

But don’t worry. Don’t imagine that sadness and sorrow aura around me. I have made into acceptance phase very quickly. Perhaps, it’s also because 99% of my close friends were with me. We FAILED together, and then we shall PASSED together too .... (AMEN!) There were so many things that I did in the end of 2015 and at the beginning of 2016. Here is some recap of my “bum life” and consider it as a teaser since some of them will be my next post:

1.    LINE PLAY-ing (so addicted because of Gudetama!)

Gudetama x Sumikko Gurashi Madness

Current Design of My Room ^^


2.    Designing my Japan Trip Photo Album

3.    Christmas Sale Shopping Galore

4.    Sleeping 12 hours a day

5.    K-Drama and Anime Marathon

Noble My Love

Marriage Not Dating

She's so Lovable

Hibike! Euphonium

Koufuku Graffiti

NORN9 !!! It's premiere on screen at Jan 7 and current episode is 3

6.    Make-Up Practice

7.    Reunion with Senior High School friends

8.    Short Getaway to Bangka

Some of them will be my next post material. Could you guess which is it?
Stay tuned until then!
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