Friday, April 3, 2015

Summer Holiday Dream Bags

Hi everyone!
Now La Lune Porte is officially back after I have neglected it for 1 YEAR just after I made it O.O

.....Well blame the thesis and the OCD in me for not wanting to post anything before my template designs look nice... this is not the nicest in my real standard but I am still learning how to make this blog's design look perfect (for me :p).....meanwhile just stay put with this one, OK? At least this looks appropriate, I think....

There has been a lots of stories I want to tell in this diary and I have promised myself to do this after my thesis done ~ Well, okay. So right now I'm entering that quite no-motivation phase in my life. Have just finished my thesis, ..... well not 100% though. There's still publication thingy which is almooooossssttt done *will make a post about this later*......

And so, I'm starting to search some things that could make me busy but brings fun. Nope, nope..... no more organization thingy. It's fun but I want something more thrilling, something that's gonna bring that unbearable excitement to the point I would not complain a lil bit about it. *Yes, in organization thingy I would still blurt out complaints no matter how fun and thrilling it was!*

What is that thrilling thingy did I choose? YES YES YESS..... a SUMMER HOLIDAY. I'm so desperately need a LONG HOLIDAY. Tee-hee, is there any "busy activity" that's more thrilling and fun than preparing for a good holiday trip ? I guess the only answer is when you do the holiday itself, hahha.

There's quite a lot of preparations, so I start making a shopping list. The first and essential thing is ... BAG. Yes...a bag which is large enough for containing my:
  1. Passport
  2. Wallet
  3. Handphone
  4. 8 inch tablet
  5. Monopod (=Tongsis)
  6. Camera Pocket
  7. Miscellanous: tissue, lipstick, comb, mirror, powder pact....etc *everything that girl needs
A bag which has long strap so I could travel with ease...
A bag which looks classic so I could wear it to any ocassion...
A bag which is suitable with any fashion, be it casual tomboy or girly feminine...

Last but not least, a bag which is very suitable with my budget (bellow 2 millions) *LOL* ....because I'm gonna buy this with my own saving money. I wouldn't dare to ask my parents specially for this because they have supported this holiday trip 100% physically and financially ;__;

After scrambling around, searching upside down, open lots of online shop pages, blogs, when in class, even when taking a dump in the toilet... I've come to love these bags on the list. So, perhaps for you who is also like me, searching for a holiday bag with those criterias above, you could check this out:

1. Zara Mini Doctor Bag

26cm x 20cm x11cm

Now as med student, I'm always attracted to "doctor"-ish / "medical" fashion stuff. The first time I saw this bag and heard its name, it just stucked still in my brain. That lame doctor bag with 2 clasp of chains you knew has never been this stylish! I would love wearing this when I'm working in the future later. This bag came in 2 colors, orange and navy blue. Although I'm a blue maniac, this time I preferred orange than navy blue. I think it's because orange represents summer more suitable than navy, just that simple. And I want the bag I wore on holiday become a strong eye candy that could support my overall outfits in photos. Most of my clothes are blue and white so I don't want navy blue comes drown in my clothes :p. Another thing to worry: there is no zipper, it's just closed with one single button in the middle T_T... kind afraid my things fell down when travelling.

2. Charles and Keith Casual Shopper Bag

39cm x 25cm x 12.5cm

At a glance, it looks like a selma bag, but look at that beautiful curve at both side for double zipper. It is indeed a bag designed for your convenience in shopping just like the name, and personally I think it just like saying "Hey, use me to pack your shopping things...!". It came in 3 colors, black, white, and cognac. Okay, this is a new vocab in my life : cognac . In medium or minimum light, the colors is just like any classic brown but when I saw it under the display light at the turns into orange. So I describe this color as orange-ish chocolate...hmm sounds great if you take a pic of it with orange filled-chocolate side by side!

3. Charles and Keith Casual Bowling Bag

29cm x 21cm x 15cm

Charles and Keith for sure knows how to take my heart. It has begun since spring 2014 that this brand started spreading PASTEL Fever. I'm a 60% mint lover and 40% peach lover in pastel share percentage. So far, I think they are the only brand which sent out the most beautiful shade of mint I've ever seen. Exactly right in the middle of blue and green. But this one comes in light blue which is also pastel element~ This casual bowling bag also came in peach, which is also striking beautiful. Oh my gosh....making decision is kinda hard. Look, this kind of bowling bag also looks good with both skirt and cullotes as portrayed by the models, just like one of the criteria I've made above :3

4. Charles and Keith Classic Bowling Bag

34cm x 25cm x 15cm

Another bowling bag galores from CnK, i guess. Lately, they have created lots of cute bowling bags. Unlike the casual one, this classic one has a charm on it so it kinda looks cute :) What do you think of this one? But in Indonesia store, I have never seen this colour. I've only seen white, yellow, and black in store.

5. Charles and Keith Metal Tip Bag

26cm x 16cm x13cm

This one is also cute to the max. Simply picked it into my dream list because that unique metal tip....kinda looks like a pair of eyes or fangs. Either use the slings or hand-carried, both looks sweet and fit into girly or boyish fashion style~

6. Charles and Keith Work Tote Bag

28cm x 20cm x13cm

Yeah, yeah I'm such a sucker for anything mint or in shades of light blue. The color is so perfect into my taste, but kinda afraid too if I accidentally stained it :( On top of all, this shade is never available in Indonesia stores *sigh* dunno why but I've always only found the other shades.... and can only admire this from website pics *second sigh* Well, anyways just looking at it has become quite a healing therapy for my eyes O.O

So that's it! My choices for summer holiday dream bags. Which one will you pick ? Please tell me :D

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