Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Early Class Getaway to Tim Ho Wan

So here’s the situation that I experienced last month. You only have 1 class that day from 9 - 10 AM and it’s just 2 days left before another exam. Your friends have no urgent business and still hanging around you. 

What are you gonna do on that situation, especially if you are a medical student?
A. Go home early and study by yourself
B. Ask your friend to study together
C. Ask your friend to go somewhere together
D. Go home early and sleep

 My answer is C of course!



Most people still think that medical students are consists of a bunch of nerds, always going straight home after class and studying, be a butterfly or as in Indonesia “kupu-kupu” ( kuliah-pulang  = class-go home). 

If you also think so, well you might be right but it’s only for about 10% of the population in my campus and some other medical schools. The rest (90%), like me for example, are belong to those who will study not so seriously on D-1 exam, and I love hanging out at somewhere new with my friends!

So the timing was just right! The most affordable Michelin Star restaurant in Indonesia a.k.a. Tim Ho Wan has just opened for public at Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), which is very near with my campus :D. You’ve got time from early class, friends to eat with, and also the most important: friends who bring car ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

 Here it what Tim Ho Wan looks like from outside ~
Picture taken from Qraved since I didn't bring my camera and the outside area already crowded with cars and people passing by......

Because it opened at 11 AM, my friends and I were kinda strolling around PIK to kill time, and then parked the car at 10.50. By that time, we saw that quite a lot of people had already start make a line. So we entered the restaurant and sat on the chairs which were provided for visitors to queue. Each time visitors allowed to sit on the dining table, we will move accordingly. During that waiting time, the waiter gave each of us the menu paper so we could decide what to order while queuing and start ordering after arrived on the dining table. Yeah, it's SUPER EFFICIENT

The rest of pictures below are taken from my smartphone: Xiaomi Redmi 1S

 No kidding for the crowd. It's just about 10 minutes after the door start opened (o_O)

 Here is the wall interior. I love those bamboo pot decorations ♡♡♡

Finally it’s our turn! 
We placed our order straight away and here what we ordered ~

Pork Dumpling with Shrimp (IDR 36.800)

It's a delish! Just like what you would expect from Tim Ho Wan. Although it didn't taste any better or more extraordinary compared with other dimsum restaurants, but for sure it's more expensive :(

Prawn Dumpling (IDR 38.800)

Prawn Dumpling (Hakau isi Udang) has always been my favorite kind of dimsum. Although it's just a package from commercial frozen food, as long as the shrimp's texture is still good, I always say delicious. But if there is the extraordinary one, it will be leveled up to SUPER delicious. This one from Tim Ho Wan is belong to the extraordinary group, the shrimp texture is exactly fits my tongue's criteria ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

But once again, since you could find this in other dimsum restaurant with the same taste and cheaper price. So I think I won't order this again the next time I come ~

Next is that famous Tim Ho Wan's Big 4 Heavenly Kings! *drumroll*

Crispy BBQ Pork Bun (IDR 38.800 for 3 pcs)

Yeahhh, ignore those 2 dishes before. In my opinion (and most people too I think...), this is the only menu that worth to buy in Tim Ho Wan in all aspects, because you couldn't find this in other restaurant, the taste is godly ah-mazing, and the price is the cheapest among other Tim Ho Wan all over the world!!! We ordered 2 portions of this  ~ (o´◡`o)

 Tearing it up......

 *zoom* *zoom*

Crispy dough, tear it up, smoke flying out, and chunks of BBQ Pork peeking out inviting my body and mind to gobble it up ლ(´ڡ`ლ)  

And here another Tim Ho Wan's Big 4 Heavenly King!
As written in the menu, Pan Fried Carrot Cake (IDR 31.800)
 The Indonesian translation in the menu is "Kue Lobak Goreng" though.....wondering why it's not Pan Fried Radish Cake instead LOL

 Well as you can see from the amount of pics I've taken, this is my least favourite because I dislike radish -_- But my friends like it! Well, so it's just my personal preference....

 Vermicelli Roll with Prawn (IDR 38.800)

Not included in Big 4 Heavenly King, but its not so identic twin-self (Vermicelli Roll with Pig's Liver) is. We prefer prawn over pig's liver so let it be. The vermicelli skin is soft but not easily destroyed by chopstick which is good and the prawn tasted fresh. But again......(repeated for the 3rd time, well, you already know it......see my previous explanations up above)

To conclude, I will definitely come again but for ordering Crispy BBQ Pork Bun only and some other menus that I haven't tried (。◕‿‿◕。)づ


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