Saturday, April 18, 2015

Yuki the Petit Monstre

" I hereby promise to my own self that I will always love and take good care of My Pe'Mo. 
I will cherish it, keep it clean, brush the fur, make it eat 3 meals a day (although not sure what its nutrition is). Utmost of all, I will never throw it away because that is a very mean thing to do! "

Mommy went crazy when stumbled upon my species in her instagram's popular feed and contacted Madam Richella right away, but sadly at that time I was still merely an embrio sleeping soundly inside my eggs. About a week later, Madam Richella gave a sneakpeek to mommy and told her that I would be available in Manifesto Bazaar which happened to be in long Easter weekend!

As what you would expect from a tired future doctor, she became delighted because the timing was just right. She also dragged her bestie to adopt my sis from Moco family, um....I'm from Moru family btw.

After remain nameless and genderless for 2 weeks, Mommy finally decided a name for me. Yuki () means happiness, but in different kanji it also means snow (). It's a unisex name, but I'm definitely a male. She wanted to give me an ice or snow related names because of my fluffy blue fur, made an impression that I was born in a snow mountain where in fact it was actually a hot boiling incubator.

It has been 2 weeks, and I love my new home. Especially when mom attaches me to her bag ~

I also love hanging out around my brother's stem leaf.
Introducing my distant relative: Mandora! Do we look alike?

But my favorite place is at mom's hand (´◡`)

I'm still a baby and I won't grow larger than mommy's hand no matter how many cakes that I eat ~

Talking about cake, here was my first food: Red Velvet Pie!

 It's almost obvious Mom adopted me because of my color.
Look at her things at home, I tell you....this is not everything

From stationary, planner, shampoo, and skincare......
Mom, you should be the main star of 50 shades of BLUE!

So I guess that's it. I'm wondering how my other family doing in their new home?
Anyway there's still a a lot of my species waiting to be adopted, check @pemo_id for details :)

 I'm gonna start my first adventure with Mom next week. Guess where is it!
She's so busy preparing for it that she doesn't realized I hijacked her blog and camera.

I'm gonna end this post with a lovely doodle created by Mom. 
Am I look fierce enough? *rawr*


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