Friday, January 3, 2014

The Very First Thing to Say : Hello !

Hello everyone! Welcome to Nanarinne's Life Journal~

First thing first, Happy New Year 2014 !
Wishing u a lot of happiness and abundant blessings through this brand new year and may all of our wishes come true :)

What is your wish for 2014? Me? Nothing special, I just want all of my family members to be healthy and the rest of my prayers gone to my uni life. As a 2nd year in Med School, so it means I will enter 4th term, and the first course in this 2014 is Research Methodology. Things will get a lot harder in this term, so I just send my prayer so I could pass very tests without fail !

In this blog, I will mostly blabber about my upside-down in uni life, perhaps this could be your inspiration who want to apply for med-school? Hehhe. I will share about what I love too, anime and manga recommendations, my daily adventures etc. Alright! Enough with the introduction! Bye :D

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