Monday, June 29, 2015

From Centipede to Butterfly in Stomach

Hello good people on earth! Now I'm back after a long weeks of absence. The last 2 weeks were simply HELL. I was extremely exhausted since the beginning of June, depressed, and had maximum stress upon facing my 2 FINAL BIG BOSS in 6th term: OSCE and SOCA. Sleep deprivation, acne eruption, hair loss, bad stomach....ugh it's just like a big centipede was crawling in my stomach.

I think I wore that gudetama's expression almost the whole time in my pseudoholiday phase. But yeah, I passed the SOCA. But OSCE.....hmmm, well at least it's done. Still don't know whether I could save my half million IDR or not (to pay for my remedial or not)......... Okay, no use to worry for now I have entered my true holiday phase. HOORAY!

After SOCA, I usually have a purification ritual consists of a long bath time and then sleep for at least 18 hours. Fyi, last year I spent 20 hours sleeping after SOCA. My family knew and didn't bother me as they knew already how long the sleepless night I passed.

But, this year? Well, no sleep that long after SOCA.

 At the next day, I already wake up at 2.30 AM and went to campus for what-so-called elective queue. Body and mind already very exhausted after yesterday's burden and so pathetic of me, still can't get my 1st choice.

After that, I went straight to erha to do my signature Deep Pore Cleansing Therapy. Cleanse a whole lot of my pores, then finally I could sleep like mad. So, for these week I'm finally begin to live the most out of my life. I wake up and sleep at anytime I want, not thinking anymore about exams, class, watching movies, and yeah.... packing for my upcoming trip tomorrow...YAY! Whew, finally I could have my holiday for real. Still remember that last year's summer holiday was spent and gone by finishing my thesis.

Those gudetama's expressions really represent myself for these last months. Right now, I'm experiencing that gurgling sensation in the stomach, but make me happy and looks like a psychotic person in a different perspective of view. Yeah, this is what so-called butterfly in my stomach :)

Yeah, one of the rare times you could see gudetama out of its comfortable shell is when they are on holiday. LOL, this illustration "Miss Gudetama on Holiday" is so like me right now! I'm wishing you all a happy TRUE HOLIDAY PHASE :)


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