Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Dia.Lo.Gue: Shop, Artspace, Coffee

Actually I have known this place for quite some time, but haven’t had both the time to go here and friend who is interested enough. Luckily I met a new friend in this co-Ass life and surprisingly we really fit each other well J She’s the saviour of my boredom in this so-long-awaited holiday in the middle of clerkship. We have made quite a list of hits places to visit in Jakarta and we just checked one in our bucket list.

As the banner said, Dia.Lo.Gue is not just a cafe. The front display is a shop which sells Indonesian souvenirs, from batik, postcards, to cute masking tapes. It’s quite pricey but I think it’s alright since the target customer is for foreigners in Jakarta. There is quite a lot of foreigners who visited this place and looked around the shops carefully.

After passing the shop, you will find a cafe and (sometimes) an exhibits in display since it’s an artspace. We are lucky enough to find out that there is also an art exhibition going on at the same time with our visit, plus it’s the last day of the exhibition!

LIFE FORCE Solo Exhibition by Lie Fhung. I immediately fell in love just by reading the tagline. This art exhibition daily life routine in hospital. I’m really excited and it doesn’t take long for me to dig in the meaning in every displays. I didn’t take picture of every exhibits since my phone camera is not really good with the darkness, well... but here is some of the pics that my friend and I took.

 Verse on the entrance well which greets visitor :)

These white flowers are just soooo beautiful! Can’t stop adoring them.
You might think those are made of papers, but nope. It’s all PORCELAIN, crafted carefully by Lie Fhung’s delicate hands. I suggest all of you to check her instagram page to see BTS pics of this exhibition in her studio at Hong Kong.

Move on to the next spot ...

Navigating the Landscape of Loss and Grief

One of the three parts in LIFE FORCE: COURAGE | Take Two

Gathering the potentials, the inherent life force, the innermost strength for resurrection; to breakthrough the deadening torpor - like a phoenix rising from the ashes

This is definitely my favourite. The one which I could see almost everyday in hospital, patient who tried their best to survive. Some succeed but some is not, but the essential thing is their effort which gathered the potential force.

This is my first time going to a contemporary art exhibition and I really love it. I feel really lucky to find this exhibition which is free of charge when actually the main purpose of coming here is to take a picture in that-so-famous stairs LOL.

See you in my next post :)
(which probably next year due to Co-Ass lyfe LOL)

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