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Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2015

Hi everyone! It's been quite a long time since I posted anything in this blog. Actually these post materials are from a long time ago, but I kinda neglected it in my phone memory because of school, exam, and other annoying stuff that made me kinda lose the urge to share this one. Since it's spring season now in 4-seasoned countries, I also decided to do spring cleaning of my phone's gallery ^^
I'm really motivated to share this one since my social media feeds are overwhelming with Japan's cherry blossom.That really made me so jealous and sad because I'm stucked here with my medical school's co-assistant phase for the next 2 years. Hope God will grant my wish to witness Japan's spring season someday ( ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

Okay, enough with the chit-chat. So on this post, I'm gonna share my first experience with Anime Festival Asia (AFA) ID 2015 which was held on September 25-27. I had missed a lot of chances for going to AFA last year, last last year, and last last last ......... ^^" Mainly because I was still adapting with my uni life. So when AFA was being held again last year, I was in my last term of pre-clinic school. Although I had an upcoming exam 2 days after, I didn't bother much. Hell with exam, I'm gonna live up my life. Whether I studied hard or not, it won't change my GPA drastically since it's my last term ~

Most importantly, this was also the main reason why I insisted on going!

Super duper yeay! BCA Bank held this promotion by opening an account under Tahapan Xpresi BCA, you could get a free entrance ticket of AFA ID worth of IDR 80k. Not to mention, those cute illustration debit card! I choose the right one of course hehhe. I did dirty tricks though, after opening the account I immediately withdrew all of my money in there leaving only IDR 10k :P

Here is the scene that I saw as soon as I arrived at JI Expo Kemayoran.
I only came on Saturday, which is the 2nd day of the festival.

Super duper crowded and HOT!!

Well, as what I expected when this kind of large festival being held in a semi open venue like JI Expo with massive people = HOT!!! So little space to walk and air to breath *sigh*

Cute Merchandise
Honestly I didn't know any vendors here while my friends already went on rampage visiting booths. Some of them were owned by their friends too. So I was just following the flow~ I'm quite amazed with the products that created by Indonesian artist, but I didn't buy anything though.

Self-made Characters Artwork

Sumikko Gurashi in Indonesian National Costume!

Posing with cute Summiko Gurashi Doll and please ignore the photobomb. It's basically people everywhere so I could not take any decent photos although I was dressed in yukata. My makeup was already ruined anyway due to heat -_-
Met a friend and borrowed her newly-bought doll :D

Caught this pretty magician on camera ^^

After looking around at almost every booth and I didn't buy anything ...... I decided to visit the only one booth I want since last year. It's AFA Cafe which was divided into 2 kinds: Moe Moe Kyun (Maid Cafe) or Atelier Royale (Butler Cafe). Of course I chose Atelier Royale! Aside from cheaper foods, almost 50% of the butlers also came from another country, like Singapore. I really want to meet Yutakis in real life and I'm sooo happy when I heard that he's coming to AFA at 2015. He first came to AFA ID at 2014 though. Finally I got to see him up close hehhe.



No kidding the queue is verrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy LONG! I queue with Sera, my junior for almost 2 hours. But thanks to the fact I got a friend who wanted to accompany me. I wouldn't care to queue so longgg if I didn't have company. Sera and I were kinda the same. We were not really interested to buy a lot of things from booth. So while others are busy to stroll again, we decided to part ways. They strolled and shop while us in AFA Cafe.

Finally it's our turn!!! I ordered a chocolate ice cream cake while Sera ordered a the cheesecake one. The price is 150k and Sosro Fruit Tea was included in the menu. To be honest, this was also the difficulty of getting a company to visit Butler/Maid cafe in an international event like AFA. Most of my friends didn't want to visit AFA Cafe because the price of AFA Cafe was super expensive for them. People wouldn't come unless they really loved it LOL. So thanks again to Sera-chan who accompany me^^

Sera and I was served by the head butler, Hiroshi a.k.a Jeremy Hellven. Yutakis was serving another girl customer at the moment. Well, I was not disappointed though. Jeremy was from Singapore and he had a really cheerful personality. I felt quite lucky to be served by him^^ Because of his cheerfulness, it didn't make me awkward to have a conversation with him. So sad that 2015 is the last year for him to become a butler in Atelier Royale (´;︵;`)

Pay attention from right to left. Yutakis is the first from right and Hiroshi is the second one. The 2-most-handsome butlers in my opinion from Atelier Royale :P

Domo Chocolate Painting by Hiroshi ^^
After done chatting and eating, we decided to take photos with the butler at Atelier Royale Booth. We need to paid 50k though for each photo. Although I felt kinda jealous since other customer managed to take selfie at the dinner table which was FREE of course. It's just depended on the butler whether he would accomplice with you or not. Sera and I were kinda hesitant since we saw with our own eyes that some customer being accepted by them but some also not. So we didn't really understand the criteria to be accepted by them to take a secret selfie with them. Perhaps it's really depended whether the guard was really on alert or not. But since we didn't like being rejected ... just choose the safer way. Pay and take pictures LOL.

Heart Pose with Yutakis >_<
I am really glad to visit AFA Cafe on my first experience attending AFA ID. Yutakis is really kind. After taking pictures, he took and grabbed my hand. While doing so, he said thank you so much for visiting Atelier Royale. For the first time in forever, I felt like don't want to wash my hands forever hahha. At first I thought that he immediately will go away to other customer after taking pictures with us. No kidding, there was a long customer line wanting to take pictures with him. But he still tried to give maximum appreciation and service for us. Well I hope he will come again to AFA ID this year at 2016.

My main point of coming here is done so I strolled around once more and visited booths which give me free merchandise. I got a Fairy Tail Map from Animax Booth just by taking pictures with the display. It's very unique since it got a handle :)

Side A

Side B

Finally could take a nice photo (´;д;`) 
This was taken at Animax booth by Animax Crew. People who wanted it could download it in Animax FB page ^^ Well I got a nice photo and a souvenir map as well. Super yeay!

Hair was ruined *sigh*

With my junior and senior in uni. I didn't understand why I didn't look at the camera >.<

It's started to getting late about 6 PM. Another senior of mine need to go home soon but she hadn't bought her wishlist item yet. So she asked me to buy it for her as well as asked the artist to sign the album. It's Majiko and MikitoP :D

Since their booth was not crowded by the time I arrived there, I took the chance to take photos with them and chatting for a bit mainly about my last holiday experience in Japan since they compliment my pouch and yukata ^^ Thanks God although it was such a hassle putting on this kind of outfit in a crowded and hot places like this event, but thanks to this I could conversing with Japanese artist :D

With Majiko and MikitoP
So basically my friends and I were done with everything. We decided to go home at 6.30 PM since we were afraid that it would be a lot of traffic. But still, traffic was everywhere but more manageable of course.

That's it! My first AFA ID experience~ To be honest, seems like I wouldn't come again for the second time if the venue is still at JI Expo  -_- I would re-think again if the venue was held in JCC like in 2012,2013, and 2014. Beside Hiroshi is retiring and Yutakis made an announcement that he wasn't really sure of coming back to AFA ID or not. I'm also not a really big fan of expensive figurines, keychains, and others ... basically nothing for me to shop here. No gudetama also ...  so I'm likely 99% not coming to AFA ID anymore ^^"

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