Saturday, September 19, 2015

Welcome back my Samsung GT N5100

Just a short update about what happened recently in my life .... before I'm continuing my Japan Trip Serial Post. If I would take a conclusion, it's truly like I'm on a Roller Coaster's Peak. After being up, and then you were thrown down very fast. Yeah, after experiencing the most fun and happy times in Medical Education Block, and then I found myself panicking and gone depressed because my tab is lost.

Dodonpa Roller Coaster at Fuji Q Highland -

Okay, I know this is super weird, weird enough to make some of my brain cells dead and I had gone into paralysis state on Tuesday morning. About 4 hours after I wrote my frustration and sadness in previous post .......  I got this message when I was having a breakfast before going to uni.

I shouted out loud in the house ((((;゜Д゜)))

I hurried up finishing my meal and went straight to library. Well, after went to library on Saturday, and then 3 times a day on Monday, losing hope, and finally on Tuesday. I'm truly beyond blessed. Every people around me said that I'm very lucky since .... you know, every single person in here would know there is probably 0% chance of finding something when you have gone to that place more than once. I've been visited library like a mad person, asking the same librarian over and over again ... for 2 different days! Even I'm thinking that I'm being annoying, pushy, for something that is lost because of my fault.

Truly this is the work of God and my prayer to Mother Mary :)

Well, some of my close friends who are also my readers suggested me to delete the previous post. But I think I won't. It shall be a reminder of my stupidity and also the proof that how my 3rd week in September began with the peak, thrown to below, and now being raised up in quite flat track but not in a happy way. Well, for sure I knew that someone has do really take my tablet somewhere outside the library or do something inside. Because all the data has been lost and yep... someone broke through my password. Although I had locked it and make the displayed message to contact my number ........ But I won't question it further. All in all, I'm so thankful to this librarian who returned my tablet. Thankyou Babe :)

I'm now in Medical Emergency block, besides the hard material, the environment also make me stressed. We are being placed in K405-406 Room, not in the usual L101. It has 8 AC's but it felt like none of them are functioned. No kidding, it's veeeeeerrrryyyy HOT and by about 12 PM some people have sweated too much and there is this strong smell full of stench.

Sigh, I think it's gonna be another 2 or 3 weeks to continue my Japan Trip Post since I'm still haven't done editing photos on Day 5. Hope I will be able to post it soon after my Mid Block Exam at the next 2 weeks >_<

So, my dear Samsung GT N5100

I bid you my welcome greeting on September 15 :)

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