Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Farewell, my Samsung GT N5100

Last weekend is supposed to be a fun, productive weekend for me. I have just finished my first block in 7th term of pre-clinic phase, which is the most fun block I've ever participated in: Medical Education. So after last Friday, I plan to continue my travel diary post, preparing this and that for another long-term post arrangement, also editing zillion of photos to create a photo album of my last trip.

All will be done in my parent's hometown: Bangka. Oh yeay, it sounds good. It's the weekend after block, short getaway to Bangka, and nice ambience to be productive for blogging. Of course, I brought all the gadgets with me: laptop, handphone, my 8" tablet Samsung Note 2.

 But it turns out to be the WORST weekend I've ever had....

Well, here is the story...

Just like usual after a nice elective block ended, we filled in post-test, taking photos together, and then I participated in a focus group discussion for my junior's research  in Medical Education Unit Room. I still played Criminal Case with my tablet while on discussion LOL. After that my memories become a little bit jumbled. But I knew for sure I went to library with the intention to charge my tablet but since I only found my phone at one glance, I only took out my phone and charged it. I'm not even bothering to check out my backpack all over it whether I have my all 3 most important essential things with me: wallet, phone, and tablet. I just went YOLO, charge my phone and about 1.5 hours later I'm being picked up to the airport.

Even at the airport, I didn't pick out anything from my bag. To kill time, I just chat with my Dad and EAT. Not like usual, where I would pick out my tablet from my backpack. Then, when I arrived at Bangka, exactly after I arrived at home.... it's when I just realized ....


It's Friday, the last workday in campus. Not to mention that I'm over a thousand miles from Jakarta. How could I go back just to check if my tablet is still there or not. OMG, I went into depression phase, thinking, and praying if actually my tablet is left at MEU Room. If it is, then I'm glad because I have always known that MEU Room is safe. No people could have access to there aside my teachers in that unit department. So my supposed-to-be-productive weekend become the most depression phase ever. I slept early at 8 PM, take a nap in the afternoon for about 4-5 hours, doing nothing but thinking every possibilities about my lost tablet and I had this mixed feeling for Monday. Whether I should be glad because soon I will be able to find my tablet or I should gulp the truth if it lost forever.

So Monday come. Okay by the time I'm writing this it's Tuesday dawn.

Well, just like most places in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta... if you ever lost something expensive, like gadget, I think you should already bid your farewell. Don't ever hope that someone who found it will bring it back to you. All of those tracking devices app, whatever technology is it, IT'S GONNA BE USELESS. I have installed simcard inside my tablet. The last time I opened my tablet, the battery is 7% left only. But still on Monday, I called it the phone goes through but no one answered. Hey, 3 days have passed and I supposed someone pick it and charge it? I sent messages over there, it's in but no one replied. I checked through my device manager, the last online activity was on September 11, which is the day I lost it.

Most of all, I'm so MAD with myself.


I'm falling in depression phase at the weekend, denial phase all the day during class, and now depression mixed with angry phase. So much regret and frustrations are piling up, it's just why on that day I'm not being my usual OCD-self. Usually I would always check my bag from one checkpoint location to another, moreover if I'm going to somewhere faraway. It's just.... why on that day, I'm being so peaceful and not bothering to check my tablet when I move on to library. Sigh, though it's not so gonna disaster if the person who picked my tablet kindly return it to it's rightful owner. I guess that's only gonna happen in high morale country like Singapore or Japan.

Well, I guess it's farewell. It's only 2 years since I bought this tab because of Pathology Concept blocks which need a lot of e-book involved. By then, that tablet is one of the witness of me passing the heaviest times as well as the most happy in my academic life, hard blocks, studying, playing candy crush and criminal case during class, checking out movie schedule, preparing my duty for being a speaker in conference, reading manga, watching movies, etc.

I'm kinda having sentimentality with dead objects, moreover gadgets. I'm rarely change my gadgets just to follow trends. I always use it until it broke by itself. My family and I had several collections of gadgets "corpse" and it's kinda like a mini museum because every gadgets has its own story.

Having a tablet is gonna make medical student's life a lot easier. Reading e-books, doing assignments, searching PBL materials, and not to mention to pass those boring times in class by playing. So I'm writing this post to remind my stupid ignorant self, to never EVER again repeat this thing. 

I shall be an OCD from now on

Though OCD is one of mental disorder, now I'm thinking that this kind of OCD is a MUST nowadays where criminal rates are high. I still need a tablet though, right now I'm also start browsing for cheaper options. I just want it to be fast enough for browsing and reading e-book for later I do my clinic phase exams and assignments.

Always. Checking. My. Bags. In. Every. Possible. Moments.

 I bid you my farewell on September 11, 2015

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