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Japan Trip Day 3: Fujiko F. Fujio Museum - Akihabara

Hi, sorry for the late update!
College life has started getting real and no near deadlines for a while so I could continue my Japan Travel Diary. Here on Day 3 we planned to visit Fujiko F Fujio Museum. Unlike yesterday, today's itinerary quite full of leisure so we woke up about 7.30 AM .... at least not so early like yesterday (3 AM) .....

Fujiko F. Fujio Museum Tickets @ 1000 ¥
Still remember what I've mentioned on day 1? We bought our tickets at AirLawson in Haneda Airport right after we arrived in Japan. To purchase this museum tickets, you must go to any Lawson Store in Japan, just tell the sales counter "Fujiko F Fujio Tickets" and they will help you to buy it using the machine. As foreigners who didn't understand Japanese, of course we had no idea how to operate the machine *sigh* although it's a self-service machine. 

The sales will ask what date and time do you prefer. They will also ask what's your name. Just mention something short, it's just for informal need. They will not match your identity card with the purchaser name which is printed on the ticket, LOL. A little bit tips here, it's better to purchase the tickets 2 days before, because if it's already full booked you must change your schedule. It has a certain limited visitors so not everyone could just packed in at the same time. Btw, I chose the time on 12 PM .... You could visit the Fujio F. Fujio museum's website to check the schedule time and make sure it opens at the day you would like to visit. Sometimes they are not opened on some local holidays.

Spotted me?

To go there, you have to go to JR Noborito Station. After that, wait for the Kawasaki City Shuttle Bus which is painted with Fujiko F. Fujio characters, such as Doraemon, P-Man, etc. The bus will directly take you from the station to the museum. It costs 200¥ for the bus fare. You could pay it either with cash or IC Card (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

JR Noborito Station

So cute :3

The bus is easily spotted, right? Without further ado, let's hop on!

Another variation of bus :)

Even the traffic cone is also designed with Doraemon Theme~

Okay, finally we arrived at about 10.30 AM. It's raining quite hard ........ 

Anxiety strikes back because we planned to take a lot of photos at the observatory area outside the museum where there is a lot of Doraemon Statue! Anyway, let's just pray and take some photos while waiting for our turn to come in. I don't know what other people said but for me there are a lot of interesting objects to be snapped on ٩(◦`꒳´◦)۶

Kawasaki City Scenery across the museum

Japan has never fail to amaze me. 
Look how a simple wall could be so interesting ~

Make sure that you arrive 30 minutes before the schedule on the ticket. So in my case, it's 11.30 PM. While waiting for it I ate my Salmon Onigiri (120¥) which I've bought at Seven Eleven near our apartment. Btw, we also bought umbrella there because it's raining super hard. Angel too, since she lost her umbrella at Mount Fuji yesterday :p

Anyway, this museum has considered it all. You must put your umbrella outside at Umbrella Locker for free! No one will take your umbrella away~ Choose an empty spot and input your 3-digit-password. There is also an instruction of how to use it, but it's in Japanese :( so we kinda just look at the picture and try it.

Well, unfortunately for Hellen. She kinda made a mistake, she thought that the code which before the lock attached is the one supposed to be your password. While actually it's supposed to be the one after your lock attached. She already rambled up all the digits so she didn't remember. Well, if you also made this kind of mistake don't worry. Just call the museum guards, and he will release your umbrella!

Alright, it's soon to be our session.
We are being called and asked by the museum attendant to make a line :)

My Ticket and Museum Floor Guide

The museum attendant gave a brief explanation of the museum, and also what Do's and Don'ts .... the most important thing is that you are not allowed to take pictures of the display things inside. But on the area like People's Plaza, Restaurant, and Observatory Area .... of course it is allowed (●⁰౪⁰●)

Finally we're inside. We are asked to exchange our ticket with audio device. It's kinda like a walkie-talkie but in a smaller size at a palm of your hand with a strap on it. Ask the attendant for your favorable language. Beside Japanese, they also had English, Chinese, and French. I asked for the English one of course ~

You will be also given a small ticket to watch the movie at theater room. Well the museum is very fascinating. Considering that the price is only 1000 ¥ (~ IDR 110k) it's the same price with Doraemon Exhibiton at my hometown in Jakarta. I love how nice the museum's ambience is. You are really taken back to Fujiko F. Fujio world, imagining his creative world when he created his world. His paintings from 1970's using watercolour, fujifilm camera, brush and rotring pen, working desk, all are being displayed there.

The audio device is really helpful. If you want to hear the story behind the object, just press the object number on your audio device. The device then will explain it to you in an energetic way. Because of that device, all of the visitors could enjoy the museum in silence ヾ(。^ω^。)ノ

Well, for me itself.... my most favorite and meaningful object was the last object: 
A letter from Fujiko F. Fujio's wife (Masako Fujimoto) to his husband.

The content is soooo touching. It basically said that eventhough he is no longer in this world, but people around the world could still see his amazing works and creations as if he is still living in everyone hearts.  *sob*  *sob* o(╥﹏╥)o

We are now out of the display area so now we are allowed to take pictures. This area is called People's Plaza. There are purikura machine (photobox) with Doraemon layouts and style and Gachapon Machine. Look at there, Angel is getting a gacha for herself (。◝‿◜。)

"What If" Telephone Booth

Library Section

It's all in Japanese, well just enjoy the pictures ~

Quality time with Doraemon :3

Okay, move on to observatory area outside. Here is a ton of pictures (◍•ᴗ•◍)   

With Pisuke, the dinousaur which Nobita took care of on his first adventure story

Everywhere Door

I wish I had this door so I could going back to Japan back and forth!

Next object: Nobita's Playground Field

I really love this pose btw, where I could emphasize my mermaid fishtail shirt :) This clothes is one of the best item I've got from online shop. The shirt comes in with the blue jeans crop top in 1 set. But you could wear it together or separately. 

Do you guys believe that it's only priced at IDR 120k? 

The quality, sewing, and cutting is also very nice. A lot of people have asked me where to buy this shirt. They dropped their jaw when I told them the price. Most of them thought that it would cost at least 300k. Oh well, I've got addiction in online shopping when it's CHEAP and GOOD QUALITY. So far, I've got 3 favorite online shops on instagram which are cheap (90% items below 100k), good quality, and trusted.

Climbing up those large pipes, huff!

Now I know how Nobita feels ... daydreaming on top of pipe

Doraemon winks and say smile :)

This observatory area is wide and nice. Okay, do you guys see that?

it's DORAMI!

The Dorami Statue is very cute and lovely!!! 
Aww, it makes me being energetic in mimicking the pose~

Wuff chu, dorami-chan!

Photo Group Time!

Natsukashii and Qtaro from Obake

P-Man is lazying around, huh?

Okay, so we almost already took pictures with every objects. We wanted to eat at the museum's cafe which is very famous! While you are here in this museum, I do really suggest you to eat here too. The menus are very cute and unique in art taste. With a touch of Fujiko F.Fujio characters of course! The queue is veeeeeerrryyyy long, so you must take a waiting list number. That's why we took pictures outside while waiting for it.

Fujiko F. Fujio Cafe!

Notice me? Anyway, our waiting-list number for the cafe is near so we stopped taking pictures and hurried off inside. Outside is rainy but don't worry! Don't even bother to go outside at 1st floor and retrieve your umbrella. The museum provides umbrella for visitor, see that white-light blue-dark blue umbrella that being held by le cousin?  o(〃^▽^〃)o 

Doraemon Rice Caserole and Tomato Soup ( 1230 ‎¥ )

Anki-Pan French Toast with Ice Cream ( 930 ¥)

People might say "ah, it's not worth it" .... "for that kind of price, but the taste is so-so"...... "it only sold cuteness", "meh .... even me also could make this at home"and other negative comments which ruins your eating mood. Well, it's up to you people. For me personally, I really enjoyed eating in this cafe. As long as it tasted good (NOT BAD). Well of course I can't say it's extraordinary about the taste. I mean, what kind of extraordinary taste a french toast with ice cream would be at maximum?

So what's extraordinary? It's the CONCEPT IDEA! You could only find that memory bread in Japan, that Doraemon themed plate, and while I'm here buying that 7.6 IDR millions ticket to go to Japan. Seriously why just some people in the world couldn't respect other's favorites (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Huff, sorry for my blabbering ( = "curhat"). Anyway, the rice caserole tasted really good! The cheese is really melting~ as well as Anki-Pan too which is sweet and refreshing, I'm happy eating it (-♥‿♥-)

The waiter wore that Hawaiian Flower Shirt :)

Our order number

aww, with chinpui!

The waiter also offered themselves to take photos of every visitor here! What a very good service tee-hee. Even before we asked, they already asked us first. Not only that, they also lend Chinpui Doll for photo property!!! Did you guys know Chinpui? It's a mouse character from Esper Mami.

The tissue and movie ticket


Hahha, also took photos with the waitress. This is also counted as taking photos with locals right??

The movie ticket which pinched by a hole maker as a sign that it has been used

Here on the theater room, we watched a documentary film of Fujiko F. Fujio works. It's just sad that no English subtitle available, but I still could understand the movie by seeing the pictures. It's like an anime parody special movie where Fujiko F. Fujio characters from Doraemon, Esper Mami, P-Man, Obake House, and others are meeting with each other and a lot of problems happened hahha. For example, Doraemon and Chinpui. Doraemon is very scared of chinpui since he is a mouse LOL,

Ah, last object that we haven't take photos yet. Giant's Hot Spring!

Okay, move on to the souvenir shop at 1F. Here they sold all kind of merhandise from Dorayaki, cookies, postcard, bamboo copter, pouch, pencil case, stationary, as well as Giant's CD Album!

LOL, anyone wants to buy it?


P-Man Chocolates

Doraemon Cookies

Done with window shopping, we decided to go outside since the rain has completely stopped now. Okay time to tick off one of my bucket-list: taking ootd pictures with Kawasaki City scenery~

Really wish I could live here :(

My Outfit Details

Necklace: Forever 21 

Bag: Charles and Keith

Bagcharm: @pemo_id

Bottom: Zara

Sandals: Platform Jelly from @katalogbuymeos 

Hat: Stroberi

Enjoying scenery with BFF

I really love taking ootd pictures at Japan's pedestrian road with walking style. Hahha, because the road is nice, clean, and no people which gives you a weird stare or bothering you. Moreover, taking pictures with your BFF is really fun (●´∀`)ノ♡

Okay, ootd pictures done! Let's head back to Noborito Station~





Whoopsie, something is forgotten and left at the museum...
Do you guys have any idea?

OUR UMBRELLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, we just bought it this morning and of course we can't let it go! It's 550 ‎¥ ...*sigh* We decided that it's just one of us that will take the umbrella back for everyone. Hellen then explained to the bus driver blah3 in 90% English and 10% Japanese (which is sumimasen + arigatou gozaimashita + gomenasai) that our umbrella is left . Did you guys know what happened??

The bus driver is letting her hop in for free!!! He believed us and said it's OK if it's just 1 person. He even waited for Hellen there so she wouldn't need to bother herself explaining again to another driver, asking for free of charge. OMG, another kindness from locals which we've experienced in Japan.

Yuki is really hyped up meeting with Dorami-chan :3

So while waiting for Hellen, we took pictures around Noborito Station.

Bus Stop

Whoops, then my eyes noticed something. 
I whispered to Angel .... "psst...pssst, did .... you ..... see..... that ......policeman?"

Spotted handsome policeman! Hahha, OMG. I really turned into crazy girl here, secretly took pictures of bishounen (=handsome man). Btw, it's Angel who took it ..... secretly ... carefully, with the help of feature called "zoom" :)


Hahha, I couldn't stop giggling for a while when looking at this picture. Anyway it's about 5 PM now. Hellen is back with our umbrellas, and next station: Akihabara!

Akihabara Street, in front of UDX building

It took us almost 1 hour to reach Akihabara from Kawasaki by train. Well, we had no particular agenda here except for shopping anime stuff which mostly were request from friends and relatives.

Akihabara has many exits. To go to anime-related-shopping places, take Electrical Town Exit from Akihabara Station. There are a lot of anime shopping center here, such as UDX building, Akiba, Sofmap, Mandrake, Soft Potato, etc .... all in SHORT walking distance. Otaku themed restaurants such as Gundam Cafe, AKB48 Cafe, are also here. Indeed, Akihabara is a heaven for otaku!

Everywhere is anime, anime, and anime here

We stopped by Mandrake. Out of all reviews I've read, most of otaku forums recommended this place. It's true! I also recommend this shop since it consists of 8 floors and basically it sells everything, from antique anime stuffs, doll, figurine, toys, console devices and games, manga, artbook, anime CD songs, etc. More complete compared with other stores, and if you are lucky you could still get old stuff with discount!

Mandrake Building - courtesy of MATCHA

Whew, I bought 3 artbooks which is requested by a senior in med school and I also bought Anohana "Circle Game" CD Album. Lucky me!! Actually it was already out in store since 2013 and I could still get it. Moreover, I got it in HALF PRICE from 1600¥ to 800¥!

But hellen who wanted to get a Megaman Figurine couldn't get it since other shops has closed. All of the anime stores here closed at 8 PM. So if you really have a lot of anime stuffs shopping list, make Akihabara become full one day tour!

Back to JR Akihabara Station, lucky us that Akihabara is only 3 minutes train ride to our places via Tsukuba Express Line. My feet is already aching .... ouch.

Whew it's almost 10 PM. Anyway we decided to give a try at a random sushi bar near our apartment is Asakusa. When in Japan, you definitely have to try the sushi right??

Tobikko, Cod Roe, Ebi, and Salmon

Well, the one which is really surprised me is the salmon! The slices are very thick, small rice, yet it only costs at 98 ¥ .....  hooraayy (^з^)-♡ I can't read the kanji at the banner so I don't know the name of this sushi bar. Happy tummy and now it's time to back to our apartment.

That's the end of Day 3. Stay tuned for more awesome adventures!
Thanks for reading (´▽`ʃƪ)♡


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