Thursday, July 23, 2015

Prologue: Natsukashii Goes to Japan

        Since I was little, I’ve already been in love with Japan (。♥‿♥。)

It was all began with Sailormoon Anime at the age of 5, and then Doraemon, Crayon Shinchan, Pokemon, Digimon, etc. Then at the age of 6 when my reading ability had became quite good, I began to read manga too and it became my daily consumption and addiction until now. I had quite a massive collection of manga because it WAS my shopping cortado. My parents also supported it, they preferred to buy me those piles of manga rather than clothes, accesories, and toys.

Yeah, but that only went until my first year of Senior High. Because after that, the manga’s price in Indonesia unbelievably going HIGH and no more good titles. There are so many titles from my favourite mangaka that isn’t available, and also....thanks to Internet and free manga hosting website now I read manga freely, as many as I want and keep updated with the story development.

From manga, I could depict what Japan looks like, the culture, school uniform, kawaii things, and wondering is it really true? YES, THAT’S VERY TRUE. Recently since 2013, there are so many bloggers that went to Japan. I was also very confused how come all of the bloggers that I’ve been following went to Japan all along the year 2014, at a different season though, but by then I could see most of Japan scenery all around the year. They are Yamada Sisters, Anakjajan, Anazsiantar, Stella Lee, Veren Lee, and even Anakjajan went 2 times in 2014 (Spring and Winter Season)!

Looking at those pictures above, Me and my friend already filled up with burning desire, because there are so many good things to see and delicious food to eat in Japan. Also thanks to those blogger, going to Japan without tour service seems VERY POSSIBLE and NOT really that HARD although you can’t speak or understand Japanese language. Ah...but, it’s just a wish though. I’m not sure if my parents gonna give me permission or not because they have been quite protective of me. Junior High School farewell to Bali and High School friends trip to Singapore......nope nope, I didn’t join them because I wasn’t allowed (・_・ )

So because my KTI was already finished, and this is the last Summer Holiday before co-Ass period, I plan to propose a short trip to Singapore/Bali/Belitung with friends as compensation for my last year’s summer spent with KTI-ing and stressful moments. So I asked le Mom.... (back then she was still in very good condition since the cancer responded the treatment very well, stranger wouldn’t know if she had cancer)

            “What? Singapore again? You’ve already been there so many times”
(giving off Meh vibe)

“Try something new and far away, why not JAPAN? You LOVE it, no? Go search a friend and use tour service. If there is a friend, although only one, it’s OK”

Me was slapped hard with diamonds and gold bars.  
Aye aye Mom !!!

My heart went pitter-patter, I prayed everyday for this wish of mine came true. 
 Then, my bff mentioned me on instagram......

And continued to LINE conversation .....

All in all.......yeah! Her parents gave an OK. Then I told Mom that I’ve got one travel partner and we won’t use tour service. At first, Mom was hesitant...yeah, just like any other parents would. Concerning about the language, what if you lost your way, taxi is very expensive there bla bla bla. 

After a lot of promotional efforts, gathered references from bloggers, Mom then felt secure and gave an OK  ..... But she asked me to keep searching for another companions, because she felt that 2 girls only were not really good. So then she told my aunt about my plan trip and asked my cousin to join. We are all about the same age, 3 young women LOL. 
Le cousin said yes, and yeah 3 members now!

Huh, 3? Well it’s just stayed so until 3 months. Another bff of mine which declined at first because she still wasn’t sure about her internship period suddenly asked me just in curiosity, if I would really go or not. I said yes .... also told her that tickets have been bought and apartment has been booked. 

My devilish soul was twinkling, I persuaded her again... and.....

ALRIGHT! It’s 4 members now. Natsukashii now has been formed!
Here is the meaning behind our group name
Okay, and the big work began. Arranging itinerary, studying about maps, Japan Trains, what to prepare and bring there, and yeah the biggest concern: VISA

Some people might think that Japan Visa is already free for everyone and for e-passport holder there is no need for visa. But NOPE! As I'm writing this post in July 2015, Japan Visa is not free for just everyone. For e-passport holder, yes it is FREE but you still need to submit documents as in the visa requirements to the Embassy. Don't just believe rumor people, you must always check the primary source: Japan Embassy Website.

I don't have e-passport and since my passport renewal is still long in the future.....I have to get Japan visa. Le parents told me to use tour service for applying the visa, but when I asked the tour office......they insisted me to have 40-50 IDR Millions in Bank Account that I’m gonna use. Well, actually that’s no problem since I will use my dad’s bank account anyway. 

But since I’ve read in so many source that stated Japan Visa is easy and fast processed (only 4 WORKDAYS!)......and also from blogger Jambukebalik (read here for more details) that .... 

Japan Visa is FREE for bachelor/undergraduate program (S1) students!!!

Why must pay 500k for tour service when I could afford it for FREE? HAHHA
Since I'm still in pre-clinic phase (Bachelor of Medical Science), of course I will try to apply the visa by myself  ლ(´ڡ`ლ) !

All you need is just to attach an official letter from campus that states you are still an active student in bachelor/undergraduate (S1) program along with other documents that required by Japan Embassy  :)


Those information was really true. I had no problem applying my visa and I got it for FREE!
The Embassy workers also very kind and smiley all the time, tee-hee.

 My Pretty Visa! It is indeed very true that everything about Japan is KAWAII (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
Look at the Mount Fuji and Sakura Flower in the background, also the pastel pink and blue colors.

Three major components that I need now already prepared. Tickets, Acommodation, and Visa.
All just left is just praying and keep your stamina in boost while waiting for the D-day.
 That's the end of prologue. I will start writing my day-to-day adventures in Japan. 
Stay tuned guys! 




  1. Hahahaha, iya jg blm ada foto berarti. Luar biasa masih simpan chat2 kita dari kpn. Ckckckc. G sdh melakukan pembersihan.

    1. Makanya nih pembersihan hp gw dalam bentuk gini wkwk. Segera menggunakan screenshot yg sudah diambil hahha